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org::mortbay::jetty::servlet::WebApplicationHandler Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::mortbay::jetty::servlet::WebApplicationHandler:

org::mortbay::jetty::servlet::ServletHandler org::mortbay::util::Container org::mortbay::http::HttpHandler org::mortbay::util::LifeCycle org::mortbay::util::EventProvider org::mortbay::util::LifeCycle

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Detailed Description

WebApp HttpHandler. This handler extends the ServletHandler with security, filter and resource capabilities to provide full J2EE web container support.

Jetty 4.1
See also:
WebApplicationHandler.java,v 1.62 2006/01/04 13:55:31 gregwilkins Exp
Greg Wilkins

Definition at line 64 of file WebApplicationHandler.java.

Public Member Functions

synchronized void addEventListener (EventListener listener) throws IllegalArgumentException
void addFilterHolder (FilterHolder holder)
FilterHolder addFilterPathMapping (String pathSpec, String filterName, int dispatches)
FilterHolder addFilterServletMapping (String servletName, String filterName, int dispatches)
ServletHolder addServlet (String pathSpec, String servletClass)
ServletHolder addServlet (String name, String pathSpec, String servletClass)
ServletHolder addServlet (String name, String pathSpec, String servletClass, String forcedPath)
void addServletHolder (ServletHolder holder)
FilterHolder defineFilter (String name, String className)
void destroy ()
void formAuthInit (String formLoginPage, String formErrorPage)
ClassLoader getClassLoader ()
Collection getComponents ()
String getErrorPage (int status, ServletHttpRequest request)
FilterHolder getFilter (String name)
List getFilters ()
Map.Entry getHolderEntry (String pathInContext)
HttpContext getHttpContext ()
HttpSession getHttpSession (String id)
JSR154Filter getJsr154Filter ()
String getName ()
RequestDispatcher getNamedDispatcher (String name)
String getRealPath (String path)
RequestDispatcher getRequestDispatcher (String uriInContext)
URL getResource (String uriInContext) throws MalformedURLException
InputStream getResourceAsStream (String uriInContext)
Set getResourcePaths (String uriInContext)
ServletContext getServletContext ()
ServletHolder getServletHolder (String name)
PathMap getServletMap ()
ServletHolder[] getServlets ()
SessionManager getSessionManager ()
void handle (String pathInContext, String pathParams, HttpRequest httpRequest, HttpResponse httpResponse) throws IOException
void handleTrace (HttpRequest request, HttpResponse response) throws IOException
void initialize (HttpContext context)
void initializeServlets () throws Exception
boolean isAcceptRanges ()
boolean isAutoInitializeServlets ()
synchronized boolean isFailed ()
boolean isFilterChainsCached ()
synchronized boolean isStarted ()
boolean isUsingCookies ()
ServletHolder mapPathToServlet (String pathSpec, String servletName)
HttpSession newHttpSession (HttpServletRequest request)
ServletHolder newServletHolder (String name, String servletClass)
ServletHolder newServletHolder (String name, String servletClass, String forcedPath)
synchronized void removeContextAttribute (String name)
synchronized void removeEventListener (EventListener listener)
void setAcceptRanges (boolean ar)
void setAutoInitializeServlets (boolean b)
synchronized void setContextAttribute (String name, Object value)
void setDynamicInitParams (Map initParams)
void setDynamicServletPathSpec (String dynamicServletPathSpec)
void setFilterChainsCached (boolean filterChainsCached)
void setName (String name)
void setServeDynamicSystemServlets (boolean b)
void setSessionInactiveInterval (int seconds)
void setSessionManager (SessionManager sm)
void setUsingCookies (boolean uc)
synchronized final void start () throws Exception
synchronized final void stop () throws InterruptedException

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String[] arg)

Static Public Attributes

static final String __DEFAULT_SERVLET = "default"
static final String __J_S_CONTEXT_TEMPDIR = "javax.servlet.context.tempdir"
static final String __J_S_ERROR_EXCEPTION = "javax.servlet.error.exception"
static final String __J_S_ERROR_EXCEPTION_TYPE = "javax.servlet.error.exception_type"
static final String __J_S_ERROR_MESSAGE = "javax.servlet.error.message"
static final String __J_S_ERROR_REQUEST_URI = "javax.servlet.error.request_uri"
static final String __J_S_ERROR_SERVLET_NAME = "javax.servlet.error.servlet_name"
static final String __J_S_ERROR_STATUS_CODE = "javax.servlet.error.status_code"

Protected Member Functions

void addComponent (Object o)
void dispatch (String pathInContext, HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response, ServletHolder servletHolder, int type) throws ServletException, UnavailableException, IOException
synchronized void doStart () throws Exception
synchronized void doStop () throws Exception
void finalize () throws Throwable
Object getContextAttribute (String name)
Enumeration getContextAttributeNames ()
void handleOptions (HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException
void handleTrace (HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException
synchronized boolean isStarting ()
synchronized boolean isStopping ()
FilterHolder newFilterHolder (String name, String className)
void notFound (HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException
void removeComponent (Object o)

Protected Attributes

Map _attributes = new HashMap(3)
transient HashMap _chainCache []
transient Context _context
transient Object _contextAttributeListeners
transient Log _contextLog
String _formErrorPage
String _formLoginPage
transient HttpContext _httpContext
transient ClassLoader _loader
transient HashMap _namedChainCache []
Map _nameMap = new HashMap()
transient Object _requestAttributeListeners
transient Object _requestListeners
PathMap _servletMap = new PathMap()
transient Object _sessionListeners
SessionManager _sessionManager
transient JSR154Filter jsr154Filter
transient FilterHolder jsr154FilterHolder

Private Member Functions

HashMap[] getChainCache ()
FilterChain getChainForName (int requestType, ServletHolder servletHolder)
FilterChain getChainForPath (int requestType, String pathInContext, ServletHolder servletHolder)

Private Attributes

boolean _acceptRanges = true
boolean _filterChainsCached = true
Map _filterMap = new HashMap()
List _filters = new ArrayList()
List _pathFilters = new ArrayList()
MultiMap _servletFilterMap = new MultiMap()
transient WebApplicationContext _webApplicationContext

Static Private Attributes

static Log log = LogFactory.getLog(WebApplicationHandler.class)


class  CachedChain
class  Chain
class  FilterMapping

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