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org::mortbay::http::SslListener Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::mortbay::http::SslListener:

org::mortbay::http::SocketListener org::mortbay::util::ThreadedServer org::mortbay::http::HttpListener org::mortbay::util::ThreadPool org::mortbay::util::LifeCycle org::mortbay::util::LifeCycle

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Detailed Description

JSSE Socket Listener.

This is heavily based on the work from Court Demas, which in turn is based on the work from Forge Research.

SslListener.java,v 1.8 2006/11/22 20:21:30 gregwilkins Exp
Greg Wilkins (gregw@mortbay.com)

Court Demas (court@kiwiconsulting.com)

Forge Research Pty Ltd ACN 003 491 576

Jan Hlavaty

Definition at line 58 of file SslListener.java.

Public Member Functions

void customizeRequest (HttpConnection connection, HttpRequest request)
int getAcceptorThreads ()
int getAcceptQueueSize ()
String getAlgorithm ()
int getBufferReserve ()
int getBufferSize ()
String[] getCipherSuites ()
int getConfidentialPort ()
String getConfidentialScheme ()
String getDefaultScheme ()
String getHost ()
String getHost ()
HttpHandler getHttpHandler ()
HttpServer getHttpServer ()
boolean getIdentifyListener ()
int getIdleThreads ()
InetAddress getInetAddress ()
InetAddrPort getInetAddrPort ()
int getIntegralPort ()
String getIntegralScheme ()
String getKeystore ()
String getKeystoreType ()
int getLingerTimeSecs ()
int getLowResourcePersistTimeMs ()
int getLowResources ()
int getMaxIdleTimeMs ()
int getMaxReadTimeMs ()
int getMaxThreads ()
int getMinThreads ()
String getName ()
boolean getNeedClientAuth ()
String getPoolName ()
int getPort ()
int getPort ()
String getProtocol ()
String getProvider ()
ServerSocket getServerSocket ()
boolean getTcpNoDelay ()
int getThreads ()
int getThreadsPriority ()
boolean getWantClientAuth ()
void handle (Object job)
void handleConnection (Socket socket) throws IOException
boolean isConfidential (HttpConnection connection)
boolean isDaemon ()
boolean isIntegral (HttpConnection connection)
boolean isLowOnResources ()
boolean isOutOfResources ()
boolean isStarted ()
void join ()
void open () throws IOException
void persistConnection (HttpConnection connection)
void run (Object job) throws InterruptedException
void setAcceptorThreads (int n)
void setAcceptQueueSize (int acceptQueueSize)
void setAlgorithm (String algorithm)
void setBufferReserve (int size)
void setBufferSize (int size)
void setCipherSuites (String[] cipherSuites)
void setConfidentialPort (int confidentialPort)
void setConfidentialScheme (String confidentialScheme)
void setDaemon (boolean daemon)
void setDefaultScheme (String scheme)
void setHost (String host) throws UnknownHostException
synchronized void setHost (String host) throws UnknownHostException
void setHttpHandler (HttpHandler handler)
void setHttpServer (HttpServer server)
void setIdentifyListener (boolean identifyListener)
synchronized void setInetAddress (InetAddress addr)
synchronized void setInetAddrPort (InetAddrPort address)
void setIntegralPort (int integralPort)
void setIntegralScheme (String integralScheme)
void setKeyPassword (String password)
void setKeystore (String keystore)
void setKeystoreType (String keystoreType)
void setLingerTimeSecs (int ls)
void setLowResourcePersistTimeMs (int ms)
void setLowResources (int lowResources)
void setMaxIdleTimeMs (int maxIdleTimeMs)
void setMaxReadTimeMs (int ms)
void setMaxStopTimeMs (int ms)
void setMaxThreads (int maxThreads)
void setMinThreads (int minThreads)
void setName (String name)
void setNeedClientAuth (boolean needClientAuth)
void setPassword (String password)
void setPoolName (String name)
void setPort (int port)
synchronized void setPort (int port)
void setProtocol (String protocol)
void setProvider (String _provider)
void setTcpNoDelay (boolean tcpNoDelay)
void setThreadsPriority (int priority)
void setWantClientAuth (boolean wantClientAuth)
void shrink () throws InterruptedException
 SslListener (InetAddrPort p_address)
 SslListener ()
void start () throws Exception
void stop () throws InterruptedException
String toString ()

Static Public Attributes

static final String __DAEMON = "org.mortbay.util.ThreadPool.daemon"
static final String __PRIORITY = "org.mortbay.util.ThreadPool.priority"
static final String ATTRIBUTE = "org.mortbay.http.HttpListener"
static final String DEFAULT_KEYSTORE
static final String KEYPASSWORD_PROPERTY = "jetty.ssl.keypassword"
static final String PASSWORD_PROPERTY = "jetty.ssl.password"

Protected Member Functions

Socket accept (ServerSocket p_serverSocket) throws IOException
Socket acceptSocket (int timeout)
Socket acceptSocket (ServerSocket ignored, int timeout)
HttpConnection createConnection (Socket socket) throws IOException
SSLServerSocketFactory createFactory () throws Exception
void customizeRequest (Socket socket, HttpRequest request)
void handleConnection (InputStream in, OutputStream out)
ServerSocket newServerSocket (InetAddrPort p_address, int p_acceptQueueSize) throws IOException
void stopJob (Thread thread, Object job)

Static Package Attributes

static final String CACHED_INFO_ATTR = CachedInfo.class.getName()

Static Private Member Functions

static X509Certificate[] getCertChain (SSLSession sslSession)

Private Attributes

String _algorithm = (Security.getProperty("ssl.KeyManagerFactory.algorithm")==null?"SunX509":Security.getProperty("ssl.KeyManagerFactory.algorithm"))
transient Password _keypassword
String _keystore = DEFAULT_KEYSTORE
String _keystoreType = "JKS"
boolean _needClientAuth = false
transient Password _password
String _protocol = "TLS"
String _provider = null
boolean _wantClientAuth = false
String cipherSuites [] = null

Static Private Attributes

static Log log = LogFactory.getLog(SslListener.class)


class  CachedInfo

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