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org::mortbay::http::HttpRequest Class Reference

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Detailed Description

HTTP Request. This class manages the headers, trailers and content streams of a HTTP request. It can be used for receiving or generating requests.

This class is not synchronized. It should be explicitly synchronized if it is used by multiple threads.

See also:
HttpRequest.java,v 1.91 2006/11/23 08:56:52 gregwilkins Exp
Greg Wilkins (gregw)

Definition at line 61 of file HttpRequest.java.

Public Member Functions

void addDateField (String name, long date)
void addDateField (String name, Date date)
void addField (String name, String value) throws IllegalStateException
void addIntField (String name, int value)
boolean containsField (String name)
void destroy ()
List getAcceptableTransferCodings ()
Object getAttribute (String name)
Enumeration getAttributeNames ()
String getAuthType ()
String getAuthUser ()
String getCharacterEncoding ()
int getContentLength ()
String getContentType ()
Cookie[] getCookies ()
long getDateField (String name)
int getDotVersion ()
String getEncodedPath ()
String getField (String name)
Enumeration getFieldNames ()
Enumeration getFieldValues (String name, String separators)
Enumeration getFieldValues (String name)
HttpFields getHeader ()
String getHost ()
HttpConnection getHttpConnection ()
HttpResponse getHttpResponse ()
InputStream getInputStream ()
int getIntField (String name)
String getMethod ()
String getMimeType ()
OutputStream getOutputStream ()
String getParameter (String name)
Set getParameterNames ()
MultiMap getParameters ()
Map getParameterStringArrayMap ()
List getParameterValues (String name)
String getPath ()
int getPort ()
String getQuery ()
String getRemoteAddr ()
String getRemoteHost ()
String getRequestLine ()
StringBuffer getRequestURL ()
HttpResponse getResponse ()
StringBuffer getRootURL ()
String getScheme ()
int getState ()
long getTimeStamp ()
String getTimeStampStr ()
URI getURI ()
Principal getUserPrincipal ()
String getVersion ()
Object getWrapper ()
boolean hasUserPrincipal ()
 HttpRequest (HttpConnection connection)
 HttpRequest ()
boolean isCommitted ()
boolean isConfidential ()
boolean isDirty ()
boolean isHandled ()
boolean isIntegral ()
boolean isUserInRole (String role)
void readHeader (LineInput in) throws IOException
void removeAttribute (String name)
String removeField (String name) throws IllegalStateException
Object setAttribute (String name, Object attribute)
void setAuthType (String a)
void setAuthUser (String user)
void setCharacterEncoding (String encoding, boolean setField)
void setContentLength (int len)
void setContentType (String contentType)
void setDateField (String name, long date)
void setDateField (String name, Date date)
void setField (String name, List value)
String setField (String name, String value)
void setHandled (boolean handled)
void setIntField (String name, int value)
void setMethod (String method)
void setPath (String path)
void setQuery (String q)
int setState (int state)
void setTimeStamp (long ts)
void setUserPrincipal (Principal principal)
void setVersion (String version)
void setWrapper (Object wrapper)
synchronized String toString ()
void updateMimeType ()
void writeHeader (Writer writer) throws IOException
void writeRequestLine (Writer writer) throws IOException

Static Public Attributes

static final String __CONNECT = "CONNECT"
static final String __DELETE = "DELETE"
static final String __GET = "GET"
static final String __HEAD = "HEAD"
static final String __HTTP_0_9 = "HTTP/0.9"
static final String __HTTP_1_0 = "HTTP/1.0"
static final String __HTTP_1_1 = "HTTP/1.1"
static final String __HTTP_1_X = "HTTP/1."
static int __maxFormContentSize
static int __maxLineLength = 4096
static final StringMap __methodCache = new StringMap(true)
static final String __MOVE = "MOVE"
static final int __MSG_BAD = 1
static final int __MSG_EDITABLE = 0
static final int __MSG_RECEIVED = 2
static final int __MSG_SENDING = 3
static final int __MSG_SENT = 4
static final String __OPTIONS = "OPTIONS"
static final String __POST = "POST"
static final String __PUT = "PUT"
static final String __SCHEME = "http"
static final String __SSL_SCHEME = "https"
static final String[] __state
static final String __TRACE = "TRACE"
static final StringMap __versionCache = new StringMap(true)

Protected Member Functions

void reset ()

Protected Attributes

Map _attributes
String _characterEncoding
HttpConnection _connection
int _dotVersion
HttpFields _header = new HttpFields()
String _mimeType
int _state = __MSG_EDITABLE
String _version
Object _wrapper

Package Functions

void decodeRequestLine (char[] buf, int len) throws IOException
Object forceRemoveField (String name)
void recycle (HttpConnection connection)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Static Package Attributes

static Principal __NO_USER
static Principal __NOT_CHECKED

Private Member Functions

void extractParameters ()

Private Attributes

String _authType
String _authUser
Cookie[] _cookies
boolean _cookiesExtracted
boolean _handled
String _host
String _hostPort
String[] _lastCookies
String _method = null
MultiMap _parameters
boolean _paramsExtracted
int _port
List _te
long _timeStamp
String _timeStampStr
URI _uri = null
char[] _uriExpanded
Principal _userPrincipal

Static Private Attributes

static Cookie[] __noCookies = new Cookie[0]
static Log log = LogFactory.getLog(HttpRequest.class)

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