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org::mortbay::http::HttpFields Class Reference

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Detailed Description

HTTP Fields. A collection of HTTP header and or Trailer fields. This class is not synchronized and needs to be protected from concurrent access.

This class is not synchronized as it is expected that modifications will only be performed by a single thread.

HttpFields.java,v 1.77 2006/11/22 20:02:15 gregwilkins Exp
Greg Wilkins (gregw)

Definition at line 63 of file HttpFields.java.

Public Member Functions

void add (HttpFields fields)
void add (String name, String value) throws IllegalArgumentException
void addDateField (String name, long date)
void addDateField (String name, Date date)
void addSetCookie (Cookie cookie)
void clear ()
boolean containsKey (String name)
void destroy ()
String get (String name)
long getDateField (String name)
Enumeration getFieldNames ()
int getIntField (String name) throws NumberFormatException
Enumeration getValues (String name, final String separators)
Enumeration getValues (String name)
 HttpFields ()
Iterator iterator ()
void put (String name, List list)
String put (String name, String value)
void putDateField (String name, long date)
void putDateField (String name, Date date)
void putIntField (String name, int value)
void read (LineInput in) throws IOException
String remove (String name)
int size ()
String toString ()
void write (Writer writer) throws IOException

Static Public Member Functions

static void formatDate (StringBuffer buf, Calendar calendar, boolean cookie)
static String formatDate (StringBuffer buf, long date, boolean cookie)
static String formatDate (Calendar calendar, boolean cookie)
static String formatDate (long date, boolean cookie)
static Float getQuality (String value)
static List qualityList (Enumeration enm)
static String valueParameters (String value, Map parameters)

Static Public Attributes

static final String __01Jan1970 = HttpFields.formatDate(0,false)
static final String __Accept = "Accept"
static final String __AcceptCharset = "Accept-Charset"
static final String __AcceptEncoding = "Accept-Encoding"
static final String __AcceptLanguage = "Accept-Language"
static final String __AcceptRanges = "Accept-Ranges"
static final String __Age = "Age"
static final String __Allow = "Allow"
static final String __Authorization = "Authorization"
static final String __CacheControl = "Cache-Control"
static final String __Chunked = "chunked"
static final String __Close = "close"
static final char[] __COLON = {':',' '}
static final String __Connection = "Connection"
static final String __ContentEncoding = "Content-Encoding"
static final String __ContentLanguage = "Content-Language"
static final String __ContentLength = "Content-Length"
static final String __ContentLocation = "Content-Location"
static final String __ContentMD5 = "Content-MD5"
static final String __ContentRange = "Content-Range"
static final String __ContentType = "Content-Type"
static final String __Cookie = "Cookie"
static final char[] __CRLF = {'\015','\012'}
static final String __Date = "Date"
static final DateCache __dateCache
static final ThreadLocal __dateReceiveCache = new ThreadLocal()
static SimpleDateFormat __dateReceiveSource []
static final String __ETag = "ETag"
static final String __Expect = "Expect"
static final String __ExpectContinue = "100-continue"
static final String __Expires = "Expires"
static final String __Forwarded = "Forwarded"
static final String __From = "From"
static final String __Host = "Host"
static final String __Identity = "identity"
static final String __IfMatch = "If-Match"
static final String __IfModifiedSince = "If-Modified-Since"
static final String __IfNoneMatch = "If-None-Match"
static final String __IfRange = "If-Range"
static final String __IfUnmodifiedSince = "If-Unmodified-Since"
static final String __KeepAlive = "keep-alive"
static final String __LastModified = "Last-Modified"
static final String __Location = "Location"
static final String __MaxForwards = "Max-Forwards"
static final String __MessageHttp = "message/http"
static final String __MimeVersion = "MIME-Version"
static final String __Pragma = "Pragma"
static final String __ProxyAuthenticate = "Proxy-Authenticate"
static final String __ProxyAuthorization = "Proxy-Authorization"
static final String __ProxyConnection = "Proxy-Connection"
static final String __Range = "Range"
static final String __Referer = "Referer"
static final String __RequestRange = "Request-Range"
static final String __RetryAfter = "Retry-After"
static final String __separators = ", \t"
static final String __Server = "Server"
static final String __ServletEngine = "Servlet-Engine"
static final String __SetCookie = "Set-Cookie"
static final String __SetCookie2 = "Set-Cookie2"
static final String __SoapAction = "SOAPAction"
static final String __TE = "TE"
static final String __TextHtml = "text/html"
static final String __Trailer = "Trailer"
static final String __TransferEncoding = "Transfer-Encoding"
static final String __Upgrade = "Upgrade"
static final String __UserAgent = "User-Agent"
static final String __Vary = "Vary"
static final String __Via = "Via"
static final String __Warning = "Warning"
static final String __WwwAuthenticate = "WWW-Authenticate"
static final String __WwwFormUrlEncode
static final String __XForwardedFor = "X-Forwarded-For"

Package Functions

Field getField (FieldInfo info, boolean getValid)
Field getField (String name)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]
 [static initializer]
 [static initializer]
 [static initializer]

Static Private Member Functions

static FieldInfo getFieldInfo (char[] name, int offset, int length)
static FieldInfo getFieldInfo (String name)

Private Attributes

HttpCal _calendar
StringBuffer _dateBuffer
SimpleDateFormat _dateReceive []
ArrayList _fields = new ArrayList(15)
int[] _index = new int[__maxCacheSize]
int _version

Static Private Attributes

static final String __dateReceiveFmt []
static TimeZone __GMT = TimeZone.getTimeZone("GMT")
static final StringMap __info = new StringMap(true)
static final int __maxCacheSize = 128
static Float __one = new Float("1.0")
static StringMap __qualities = new StringMap()
static final StringMap __values = new StringMap(true)
static Float __zero = new Float("0.0")
static String[] DAYS = { "Sat","Sun","Mon","Tue","Wed","Thu","Fri","Sat" }
static Log log = LogFactory.getLog(HttpFields.class)
static String[] MONTHS


class  Entry
class  EntryIterator
class  Field
class  FieldInfo
class  HttpCal

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