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org::jboss::jetty::Jetty Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jboss::jetty::Jetty:

org::mortbay::jetty::Server org::mortbay::http::HttpServer org::mortbay::util::Container org::mortbay::util::LifeCycle org::mortbay::util::EventProvider org::mortbay::util::LifeCycle org::mortbay::util::EventProvider

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Detailed Description

Julian Gosnell

Andreas Schaefer .



20011201 andreas:

Definition at line 67 of file Jetty.java.

Public Member Functions

HttpContext addContext (String virtualHost, String contextPathSpec)
HttpContext addContext (String contextPath)
HttpContext addContext (String virtualHost, HttpContext context)
HttpContext addContext (HttpContext context)
void addEventListener (EventListener listener) throws IllegalArgumentException
void addHostAlias (String virtualHost, String alias)
HttpListener addListener (HttpListener listener) throws IllegalArgumentException
HttpListener addListener (InetAddrPort address) throws IOException
HttpListener addListener (String address) throws IOException
UserRealm addRealm (UserRealm realm)
WebApplicationContext addWebApplication (String virtualHost, String contextPathSpec, String webApp) throws IOException
WebApplicationContext addWebApplication (String contextPathSpec, String webApp) throws IOException
WebApplicationContext[] addWebApplications (String host, String webapps, String defaults, boolean extract, boolean java2CompliantClassLoader) throws IOException
WebApplicationContext[] addWebApplications (String host, String webapps, String defaults, boolean extract) throws IOException
WebApplicationContext[] addWebApplications (String host, String webapps, boolean extract) throws IOException
WebApplicationContext[] addWebApplications (String host, String webapps) throws IOException
WebApplicationContext[] addWebApplications (String webapps) throws IOException
void configure (String configuration) throws IOException
WebApplication deploy (WebApplication wa, String warUrl, WebDescriptorParser descriptorParser) throws DeploymentException
void destroy ()
HttpHandler findHandler (Class handlerClass, String uri, String[] vhosts)
URL findResourceInJar (String name)
String[] getCompileClasspath (ClassLoader cl)
Collection getComponents ()
String getConfiguration ()
Element getConfigurationElement ()
int getConnections ()
long getConnectionsDurationAve ()
long getConnectionsDurationMax ()
long getConnectionsDurationMin ()
long getConnectionsDurationTotal ()
int getConnectionsOpen ()
int getConnectionsOpenMax ()
int getConnectionsOpenMin ()
int getConnectionsRequestsAve ()
int getConnectionsRequestsMax ()
int getConnectionsRequestsMin ()
HttpContext getContext (String contextPathSpec)
HttpContext getContext (String virtualHost, String contextPathSpec)
HttpContext getContext (String virtualHost, String contextPathSpec, int i)
synchronized HttpContext[] getContexts ()
Manager getDistributableSessionManagerPrototype ()
int getErrors ()
boolean getForceDistributable ()
Map getHostMap ()
synchronized boolean getJava2ClassLoadingCompliance ()
HttpListener[] getListeners ()
UserRealm getRealm (String realmName)
RequestLog getRequestLog ()
int getRequests ()
int getRequestsActive ()
int getRequestsActiveMax ()
int getRequestsActiveMin ()
long getRequestsDurationAve ()
long getRequestsDurationMax ()
long getRequestsDurationMin ()
long getRequestsDurationTotal ()
int getRequestsPerGC ()
boolean getResolveRemoteHost ()
String getRootWebApp ()
String[] getServerClasses ()
boolean getStatsOn ()
long getStatsOnMs ()
boolean getStopAtShutdown ()
boolean getStopGracefully ()
boolean getStopWebApplicationsGracefully ()
synchronized String getSubjectAttributeName ()
boolean getSupportJSR77 ()
String[] getSystemClasses ()
boolean getTrace ()
synchronized boolean getUnpackWars ()
String[] getWebApplicationConfigurationClassNames ()
synchronized String getWebDefaultResource ()
boolean isDeployed (String warUrl)
synchronized boolean isFailed ()
synchronized boolean isStarted ()
void join () throws InterruptedException
boolean removeContext (HttpContext context) throws IllegalStateException
void removeEventListener (EventListener listener)
void removeListener (HttpListener listener)
UserRealm removeRealm (String realmName)
void save (String saveat) throws MalformedURLException, IOException
HttpContext service (HttpRequest request, HttpResponse response) throws IOException, HttpException
void setAnonymous (boolean anonymous)
void setConfigurationElement (Element configElement)
synchronized void setContexts (HttpContext[] contexts)
void setDistributableSessionManagerPrototype (Manager manager)
void setForceDistributable (boolean distributable)
synchronized void setJava2ClassLoadingCompliance (boolean loaderCompliance)
void setListeners (HttpListener[] listeners)
synchronized void setRequestLog (RequestLog log)
void setRequestsPerGC (int requestsPerGC)
void setResolveRemoteHost (boolean resolveRemoteHost)
void setRootWebApp (String rootWebApp)
void setServerClasses (String[] classes)
void setStatsOn (boolean on)
void setStopAtShutdown (boolean stop)
void setStopGracefully (boolean graceful)
void setStopWebApplicationsGracefully (boolean graceful)
synchronized void setSubjectAttributeName (String subjectAttributeName)
void setSupportJSR77 (boolean graceful)
void setSystemClasses (String[] classes)
void setTrace (boolean trace)
synchronized void setUnpackWars (boolean unpackWars)
void setWebApplicationConfigurationClassNames (String[] configurationClassNames)
synchronized void setWebDefaultResource (String webDefaultResource)
synchronized final void start () throws Exception
void statsReset ()
synchronized final void stop () throws InterruptedException
synchronized void stop (boolean graceful) throws InterruptedException
void undeploy (String warUrl) throws DeploymentException

Static Public Member Functions

static List getHttpServerList ()
static Collection getHttpServers ()
static void main (String[] arg)

Protected Member Functions

void addComponent (Object o)
synchronized void doStart () throws Exception
synchronized void doStop () throws InterruptedException
synchronized boolean isStarting ()
synchronized boolean isStopping ()
HttpContext newHttpContext ()
WebApplicationContext newWebApplicationContext (String webApp)
void removeComponent (Object o)

Protected Attributes

Manager _distributableSessionManagerPrototype
boolean _forceDistributable = false
boolean _stopWebApplicationsGracefully = false
boolean _supportJSR77 = true

Static Protected Attributes

static final Logger _log = Logger.getLogger("org.jboss.jetty")

Package Functions

synchronized void addMapping (String virtualHost, HttpContext context)
synchronized void addMappings (HttpContext context)
 Jetty (JettyService service)
void log (HttpRequest request, HttpResponse response, int length)
synchronized boolean removeMapping (String virtualHost, HttpContext context)
synchronized boolean removeMappings (HttpContext context)
void statsCloseConnection (long duration, int requests)
void statsEndRequest (long duration, boolean ok)
void statsGotRequest ()
void statsOpenConnection ()

Static Package Functions

static String fixURL (String url)

Package Attributes

Element _configElement = null
Hashtable _deployed = new Hashtable()
boolean _loaderCompliance = true
JettyService _service
String _subjectAttributeName
boolean _unpackWars = false
String _webDefaultResource
String _xmlConfigString = null

Static Package Attributes

static Log log = LogFactory.getLog(Server.class)

Private Member Functions

void setXMLConfiguration (String xmlString)

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